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Want to debug your bookkeeping process?


Our "script" optimises your finance processes. As your business takes off, admin stays put.

By combining the very best in finance systems with our experience, we'll help you save time and make more money.

How we do it

It's a proven winning formula that's made up of four simple phases:




Assess and analyse your business



Hone your financial processes



Implement the financial systems




Regular catch-ups and updates

Why does it sound so simple?

“My background's in auditing large organisations, and that's where I learnt what makes finance systems tick.

At its core, a finance system is a series of repetitive tasks performed at set intervals. Predictable and ripe for automation!"

Debugging your bookkeeping process rests in the boring, repetitive bits like receipts and invoices being taken care of. 


The solution? Xero. It has transformative capabilities which automate much of the time-consuming aspects of your finances. 

We use it to handle pretty much everything; accounts, payroll, tax, you name it. In return, it frees you up to work on and grow your business.

Xero bugs in your books

“Allmanac set us up on the Xero, Starling and Receipt Bank trinity, and we haven't looked back since. It's simplified everything, from expenses to year-end taxes.”

Rafael Dunn, Co-founder of Cryptomurmur

There's more by the way..
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Combining Xero with other apps is where it really comes in to its own as a complete workflow automation software to propel your business.

With everything synchronised and running in the background, you'll be able refocus your efforts on growing profits and expanding your business.

Surprises, jargon and bottlenecks are out of the equation. Let's keep it simple: 

Repetitive automated tasks x Regular intervals

= Profit for you

Let's debug your books

Join us on a journey of automation, freeing you from the arduous labour of your current financial systems.

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