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The Philosophy

We aim to disrupt our clients' finances.


That's right. We recognise that you're inspirational and innovative, and that's why we know what startups and tech companies require from their accountants.


You need a like-minded team of advisers to support you in executing those big ideas, and that's why we're here.


The story behind the name

When we set up Allmanac, we wanted a name that told people we're experts who are the best at what we do.


We noticed most of the big firms were mostly made up of sets of surnames. But so were the cowboys. Instead, we wanted a name that embodied our "disruptive finance" philosophy to mark us out.

Allmanac was what we settled on.


It draws from "almanac"; periodic publications containing future events and forecasts. Like an almanac, our clients and I are organisations who try to be future-focused, aware and prepared for whatever comes our way.

Why us?

We're the only firm of chartered certified accountants dedicated to this sector

Focusing exclusively on tech, we have sector-specific knowledge that ensures you pay the least tax 

Our background is in working with investors; we know what they look for and prepare you for that

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Who we work with

Entrepreneurs and businesses like the following are who we work best with:

Annual turnover of up to £1.5m, or at pre-revenue

Run by ambitious, open-minded people who enjoys working with a like-minded firm 

Prepared to learn and be active in their finances

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Small companies operating in the tech and ecommerce sectors


Clean bill of health from their previous accountant

Startups or maturer businesses with big dreams and goals!

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“The Allmanac team don't look or talk like accountants, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. They helped overcome some sticky situations and are now a part of the eFurniture!”

Nikolas Kairinos (Founder and CEO),

The way we work

Technology is at the beating heart of our disruptive finance philosophy. Everything from the software and systems we implement with you,  through to how we work. You can anticipate the following:

Remote working

While we have co-working offices in Cambridge, London and Milton Keynes, we've found that remote working makes us more efficient and results in better service. 

Fixed clear fees

We use clever software to design transparent bespoke packages in according to your exact needs, allowing us to look after your monthly finances.

How we work
The conversation begins with you

We know it can be tough in this sector, and that you are motivated to succeed.

Browse further, and you'll see we can help. But even better? Let's have a chat. No hassle, no obligations.

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