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 Referral programme

A referral is the greatest compliment you can give us. To show how much we appreciate it, we have created a referral rewards programme. For every client you refer to us we will pay you a financial premium as a token of our appreciation!

How it works

  • You mention our services to a friend and ask them to join us.

  • When they sign up, you get paid £150 after they pay their first month's fee.

  • The person you refer gets a 10% discount for the first month on their package.

  • There's no limit. You get paid for every referral!

Bonus scheme

​If you refer more than one client, we increase your the premium by £25 each time, up until a maximum of £250 per referral is reached. For example:

  • You get paid £150 on your first referral.​​

  • On your second referral, you'd get £175.

  • From your fifth referral, we pay £250 per referral AND 100% discount on your accounting fees!

Terms and conditions

1. The referral fee is only paid on Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership referrals.

2. The referral fee is only payable once your referral has paid their first month's fee. 


3. Should you refer any client other than a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership, the referral fee will be capped to £50 of Amazon vouchers.

4. The number of referrals for the £25 premium hike for the bonus scheme resets with every calendar year.

5. The "100% discount on accounting fees" is capped to a maximum of £600 of fees.

6. The referral fee is paid via BACS.

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