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The iPlan

Our strategy to help you get through the startup lifecycle

From the routine of monthly payroll and annual accounts through to the challenges of seeking investment, innovation and tax savings, we've got you covered.

We're not your run of the mill accountants. With a group of advisers in the thick of tech investor circles, we have something to offer everyone; whether you've just developed an MVP, are at series A or looking at exiting. 

Here's how we help you get there: 

Accounts, Tax and "all that other stuff"

While it won't win any plaudits, one of the most crucial services we carry out is keeping you compliant with legislation and things ticking along in your business by submitting everything on time. Keeping accurate and updated books also allows for a real time view of the numbers so that moneymaking opportunities can be identified quickly. If all of this sounds foreign, we'll take you through how everything ties together.

Here's a list of our services:


Annual accounts

Cloud Bookkeeping

Corporation Tax

VAT Compliance

Dealing with HMRC




Pensions Auto Enrolment

Management Accounts

Startups & Company Formation Advisory

Personal Tax

Corporate Finance

Now that those two words have captured your attention (and rightly so), let's talk about what our offering looks like in practice. Everyone in our team has been involved in the startup lifecycle, and those experiences vary between being part of a successful startup or working with prominent funds to identify and execute deals on investment opportunities, as our boss - Sohail Rashid - does.

This gives our team a pretty good understanding of how to get deals over the hurdle whilst maximising value on your behalf. Here's what that looks like in plain English:


Strategic Growth Advisory - The startup lifecycle can be confusing. We'll discuss your goals, the options to reach them, and work with you to put a solid plan together to get there. The aim is to be by your side as a trusted adviser from inception to scale (and beyond), and get stuck in with all the messy bits - whether that's creating advanced financial models or helping to make your business plan more attractive to investors!

Exit Strategy Advisory - Once you've scaled the dizzy heights of creating a successful business, you may decide it's time to hang up the gloves. We'll help you to plan early for this to minimise tax implications and make your business more attractive for buyers in order to negotiate the best possible terms for you.


Startup Funding
Seed Investment (SEIS & EIS)

Timely investment is key to getting your business going. Using the scheme, we'll work with you to make your business more attractive to investors. Even more, we'll workside your existing accountant!

The scheme has even more advantages further down the line, including a bumper Capital Gains Tax saving; money better spent on your startup, we would think!

R&D Tax Credits

Many are eligible without even realising, meaning thousands of pounds in missed savings! By combining sector-specific expertise with Big Four experience, we'll help you to navigate these hurdles.

We deal with everything from start to finish; from establishing your eligbility right through to dealing with HMRC throughout the claim.


Employee Share Options

In a sector where your product is intangible and ever-evolving, people are key, and it can be tough attracting the right talent. The Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) gives you the option to offer flexible share options; meaning you can attract and retain talent in the long term, making your business extremely attractive to investors!


We'll advise on how best to maximise your gain, whilst dealing with HMRC throughout.

You're in safe hands!

With an accountant by your side who's well-versed with your industry and there for the long-haul, you will feel:

Valued -  With Allmanac, you are not just one of many names in a factory where services are being churned out, but a cherished client looked after by a team dedicated to finding solutions that fit you best.

At Ease - Our people are recognised as some of the very best at what they do, and we invest heavily to keep them at the top of their game, giving you the solace of industry leading support.

Confident - There are very few, if any, accountancy firms who can boast a management team who have hands-on experience in the startup process. You can be assured of experience-backed advice!

Let's talk
It costs nothing but your time to discuss the options open to you, but the savings could be in the thousands.
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